Five Tips for Effective Team Members

2 min read

Do not impede other’s work

Good teammates do not impede other’s work. This applies in both vertical and horizontal relationships. If your Manager plans to implement a process that will impede your team, is it your absolute obligation to speak up. If your coworker is working on a project, you must not impede their progress in any way, unless their actions directly impact you.

Speak Up

Authenticity is perishable. From the moment you feel it in your gut, the countdown begins. Once the conversation is over, you’ve missed your chance. Recognize these moments and take action. I see future leaders around me when people speak what’s on their mind. It motivates me to do the same.

Skip the Drama

It is extremely human to develop opinions on the occurrence of events. The expression of these thoughts is unnecessary if you’re not involved. Unless you’re designated as an agent or facilitator between parties, keep your mouth shut. Getting involved in other people’s situations is like having a conversation while blending a smoothie; you’re already lost in the noise. Other people need to take responsibility for themselves.

Choose Your Battles

Every day, you have a limited amount of energy. You must be selective on which challenges you direct it towards. If you’re like me, you are strongly confident in your own opinion and like having things go your own way. This is not a unique trait. Others will see you, look at you, hear your voice, and do exactly what they want, regardless of how you feel. Picking your battles is out getting out of their way and exerting your energy on more productive enterprises.


Commitment is the only outcome of conflict. Either you agree and commit or disagree and commit. The important part is you’ve expressed an opinion.